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Stainless Patio Stove w/ Full Windscreen

Stainless Patio Stove w/ Full Windscreen
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A stainless commercial burner for your patio June 4, 2020

Decided to upgrade from my old Stansport cast iron burner, due to its many shortcomings: low max output, rusty, looks like junk, needs descaling every so often to work right, wimpy flame blows out too easy, no windscreen. It was a good value and served me well, but this beast is 10 times the burner. This thing is BIG. A 12-qt tall stockpot suitable for my kitchen stove is a joke sitting on this. This wants BIG cookware, 12" diameter and up. When opened up full-bore, the burner is an insane blowtorch-- exactly what's needed for proper wok cookery, which I can now explore. It should also make a good deep-fry & turkey fry burner. Since the burner is cast aluminum and everything else is stainless, I expect it will shrug off the weather just like my stainless grill.
A shortcoming: the tiny gas control "knob" is too abrupt, making fine flame adjustments more difficult than they should be

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