Bayou Classic 45 Quart Roto-Molded Cooler (White)

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Bayou Classic 45 Quart Roto-Molded Cooler (White)
Brand: Bayou Classic
Part Number: BC45W
Price: $227.30 List Price: $349.99


The Bayou Classic Durable Roto-Molded line of coolers features:

  • Construction to withstand rough handling through rugged environments; alligator resistant
  • Dense Insulation, pressure injected up to 2 or 3 inches thick, maintains frigid Bayou® Brew
  • Gator Bite™ Lid Gasket and Pull-Tight Rubber Latches maximize ice retention, keeping contents cold for days

Stainless Accessory Basket (available on 45 and 65-quart only)

Cutting Board Divider (available on 45 and 65-quart only)

Bayou Classic Roto-Molded Cooler Features

  • Attractive, sleek design topped with a textured lid
  • UV-Resistant to maintain color and preserve exterior surface
  • Full-Length Lid Hinge is internally integrated for precise function
  • Lid Gasket made from freezer style silicon
  • Padlock Hole centered for convenience
  • Ergonomic Grip Side Rope Handles capable of lifting up to 200-lbs
  • No-Slip Gator Grip Feet and Tie-Down Slots for secure transit
  • Interior Drain Channel and Drain Plug with silicon gasket for no-leak performance
  • FDA plastic approved for direct contact with food
  • Dry Ice compatible for long haul cold retention

For best cooling performance, pre-load with some ice a few hours prior to your excursion to chill the inner walls of the cooler. When used as recommended, ice can last for days inside a Bayou Classic Cooler.

The line of Bayou Classic Coolers are best for fishing, hunting, camping, tailgating, off-road, on the beach, and ... backyard adventures

Part Numbers and Notes

  • BC25W, 25 quart capacity of usable space
  • BC45W, 45 quart capacity of usable space
  • BC65W, 65 quart capacity of usable space

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BC45W Bayou Classic 45 Quart Roto-Molded Cooler (White) $227.30 Add to Cart

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